Our Vision

Many cultures have recognised the transformative impact of vocal vibration.

From mantra, to hymn, to football anthem.

As natural as laughter, accessible as tears

We feel how good it is to be unified in expression,
in flow, in stability, in feeling.

Harmonic Toning is a continually evolving sequence of practices designed to reliably and accessibly evoke the myriad benefits of group sound meditation and deep listening. Initiated by Nuwan Rohitha, it encodes the learnings of over of 10 years of trials and research.

Learn to combine the synergistic effects of:

  • Protocol/intention design for preparation of transformational spaces
  • Neuro-regulation and sensitisation via somatic meditation

    Plus the intrinsic benefits that only vocal vibration can simultaneously provide:
  • Metabolic regulation via breath
  • Rejuvenation and stimulation via low frequency and high frequency cellular vibration
  • Neuro-stimulation and reconfiguration by cymatic resonance
  • Coregulating feedback loops created during group coherence
Create a potent space of absolute coherence and metaphosis for yourself and your co-creators. It’s a playful, effortless, experience where hidden beauty blossoms – and it feels like a hug from the inside.

fMRI research coming soon.

We are honoured to offer you experiences that will empower and nourish you for the next stage. Be the initiator, open up communication and resonate success wherever you are. Connect to infinite resilience on demand, with Harmonic Toning.