Harmonic Toning

Experience physical, emotional, and interpersonal wellbeing through Harmonic Toning.

Think of Toning as the production of sustained sounds or tones with the voice (think “MMMMM” or “AAAA”). If you can make sound with your mouth, you can tone.

The Harmonic in Harmonic Toning, refers to the spontaneous harmonies formed when toning together, as well as the harmonic series, a concept from physics. Like a guitar string vibrating at multiple frequencies at the same time. These harmonic overtones can be accentuated by simple mouth movements and listening techniques that can be learned in mere minutes.

Developed by Melbourne AU based self/educator and explorer Nuwan Rohitha in 2006, it encodes the result of 10+ years of field-testing and experimentation across domains including:

  • psychoacoustics
  • learning theory
  • group dynamics
  • deep listening
  • somatic meditation/yoga
  • bioenergetics / catharsis
  • ergonomics
  • speech production
  • overtone singing/throat singing

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Harmonic Toning’s basic goal is to strengthen fabric of the community.

It includes a replicable process for creating spaces where we safely gather as individuals – to heal and celebrate together.

To flow in authenticity, transparency, kindness, and fun.

To create group coherence states for organizations to experience unprecedented creativity and harvests.

It is my honour, duty, and pleasure to offer this experience to you, my extended-extended family, no matter your background or ability.

We are dreaming and enacting a wildly abundant future together.”

– Nuwan Rohitha, at your service

  • Metabolic regulation via breath
  • Relaxation, neuro-regulation and integration via somatic meditation.

    Plus the the effects only vocal vibration can simultaneously provide:
  • Rejuvenation and stimulation via high and low frequency cellular vibration
  • Coregulating feedback loops that emerge during intentional group play

If you’re into sound meditation, yoga, sound healing, overtone singing, stress relief, trauma release (TRE), circling, conscious connecting, stimming, ASMR, singing, kirtan, mantra, team building, acoustics, resonance, cymatics, consciousness, synthesis, breathwork, free thinking, or just feeling really, really good – come and experience Harmonic Toning. No prior experience is necessary, all welcome.

You are the instrument.